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The database driven platform system

Cortex AG provides one of the fastest and most flexible database system on the market - so you can implement and deploy your ideas quickly and easily. The CortexDB has been specially developed to handle today's database requirements - complex configurations, relationships between data, networked systems, big data and constant changes to the database.


A schema less, multi-model NoSQL database able to load big data through different data sources,  automatic indexing and extremly fast searching through all the incoming content, keeping data and algorithm in one system - just like the human brain does.


Managing data, algorithm, security and data service for your individual applications – the CortexUniPlex offers an easy to use concept for a quick start and sustainable use.


The data integration tool. The CortexImPlex forms the link between experienced users, admins and developers. Share data with other systems, or change information in your database.


Work with your data. The HTTP CortexAPI offers a kind of JSON messaging, based on the CortexUniPlex configuration. It's easy to access the database considering the user privileges.

Use Cases

A wide range of applications indicates the flexibility of CortexDB and its tools.
This projects and our specialized solution partners cover a variety of tasks in various industries.
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Cloud & Help

Try our cloud solution or get help with our online documentation

CortexCloud Sandbox

We offer a free setup for developers and testing in a multi-tenancy-architecture. Get a demo database in less than 10 min.
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Online Documentation

Read the online documentation about the CortexDB and all tools. Thanks to Google translated in several languages.


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