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Our Vision

One central system for all data and processes

We are convinced that the challenges of the digital future requires new ways of thinking and disruptive technologies.

  • One single platform for all apps -
    significantly reduce your costs and risks

  • Fast project implementation through simple processes - acceleration of the "Time to Market" brings you to pole position

  • Flexibility and agility for the implementation of your ideas
    creates new values

Our Mission

High-value solutions for your future

The integration of all your data and information enables the overall digitization and reduces your technology stack to a minimum.

Innovative tools simplify your processes for various applications, on any hardware - in the cloud, on-premise or edge computing.

Aspects of digitisation

  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Digital Workplace
  • Internet of Things / IoT
Data Integration
The CortexPlatform enables multidimensional usage across many data sources.
Digital Workflow
The combination of operative and analytical processes in one system leads to more transparency and attention to the current situation.
Agile Project Development
The semantic networking and agile storage of content through novel structures leads to evolutionary adaptation and easy usage by software developers and users.


The central CortexPlatform as a data hub based on your data allows the agile implementation of digitization just as you design your development processes.

Analytical and transactional data in one platform allows flexible changes with minimal effort. This leads to a remarkably fast project realization (Time to Market) and the reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) while increasing productivity.

Therefore, CortexPlatform provides you with a collection of different tools for different challenges in order to implement digitization centrally controlled and flexible and to operate it sustainably.

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A self-learning NoSQL database with multiple models that can load large amounts of data automatically from multiple data sources and allows extremely fast searches for all incoming content.

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Manage data, algorithms, user access and data services with our universal application.

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Load data from other systems or change information in your database with our data integration tool.

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Both the CortexUniplex offers direct access to read, change and select information with the WebAPI, as does the CortexDB.

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Use Cases

The CortexPlatform can be used for a wide range of practical
applications, industries and enterprises:


We offer a free setup for developers in a multi-tenancy-architecture.
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