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The Cortex-Information Platform in version 6.2. is now available for you. Registered users who are interested have the opportunity to utilize the Starter Edition at no cost on-site.


A central system for sustainably deriving the right information and insights from data

The current state


The Cortex way


Our Vision

We believe that the challenges of the digital future require a novel approach to connecting data to advance disruptive technologies

  • A platform for easily visualizing complex dependencies in process chains to reduce your costs and risks significantly​

  • Quick project implementation through data utilization without a predefined schema - strong acceleration of time to market

  • Flexibility and agility to bring your ideas to life, creating a new form of collaboration

Our Mission

Valuable Solutions for Your Future​

The rapid schema-less integration of your data enables diverse perspectives on information and cross-domain digitalization through the linkage of new relationships between business objects. By better planning and simulation, value-oriented approaches will be made more transparent in the future.​

Innovative tools simplify the view of processes and various applications on any hardware – including cloud, on-premises, or edge computing.​

Aspects of digitisation

  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Digital Workplace
  • Internet of Things / IoT
Data Integration
The Cortex Information Platform generates the context-oriented multidimensional view across many data sources - whether master data, transactions or key performance indicator systems​
Digital Workflow
Linking operational and analytical processes in one system leads to more transparency and attention to the actual state
Agile Project Development
The agile networking and storage of content through novel structures leads to evolutionary adaptation and ease of use by software developers and users​

Cortex InformationPlatform

The Cortex-IP empowers the agile development of prototypes in alignment with individual processes, leveraging your data, and facilitating seamless implementation up to the production stage without limitations.​​

By integrating analysis and transaction data into a single platform, it allows for flexible changes with minimal effort. This significantly accelerates project realization (time to market) and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO), while boosting productivity.

With Cortex-IP, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools to tackle diverse challenges, empowering you to implement digitization initiatives centrally and flexibly, while ensuring sustainable operations.​

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A schema-less data storage for complex data models, whose automatic dictionary enables fast selections in any combination of all fields and contents.​

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A universal application for analysis and extension of complex data models. It also serves for managing, reviewing, checking of all contents and as a tool for administrators or developers.​

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Data Integration

Our standard application for integrating data into the CortexEngine from various sources, also by taking into account the Uniplex configurations.​

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We provide developers with a REST API. Utilize it for the implementation of your own applications.​

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A wide range of use cases and applications demonstrate the flexibility of Cortex-IP. ​
We cover a wide range of business scenarios in various sectors.​
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Supported by the Federal Agency for Leap Innovations​

The Federal Agency for Leap Innovations SPRIN-D helps propel the breakthrough of radically new ideas and technologies that will significantly improve all of our lives.​ (Quote from SPRIN-D website)​

This also applies to the Cortex-InformationPlatform, and we are pleased that SPRIN-D has been supporting our technology since 2022.

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