The CortexEngine is a schema-less data storage system, that evolves dynamically with your data sources and requirements. As part of the Context Information Management System Cortex-IP, it supports the schema-less, flexible, modern, non-hierarchical, and agile storage of your data sets. It provides various modeling approaches based on these capabilities

  • Schema-less storage of data from multiple data sources​
  • Automatic normalization and associative search, (similar to the human brain)​
  • Bitemporal data management: Store and work with analytical and transactional data​
  • Multivalue contents per field allow the usage of multiple values per data field​
  • Storage of binary content​
  • Fast import of JSON objects​



Manage data, algorithms, user access, and data services with our universal application!​

Data Model

In the Uniplex, different data models can be represented using the schema-less storage of the CortexEngine. These can be utilized in applications or via API. Additionally, a permission system is available, allowing not only business units to make use of it, but also administrators and developers to derive value for their respective tasks.​


Selections in complex data models can be made very easily with the help of Uniplex. Departments can thus independently execute queries and selections and arrive at the desired results.​Performing selections in complex data models is made easy with the help of Uniplex. Departments can independently execute queries and selections, enabling them to obtain the desired results.​


Based on previous configurations and selections, results can be displayed in Views for further use and export. Similarly, developers can utilize these configurations to incorporate them into their own applications.​

Data Integration – Our Standard Tools


With our data integration tool you can load data from other systems or modify information in your Cortex-IP. Implex, as a Java application, provides flexible data import into Cortex-IP. It offers a variety of functions for reading and transforming individual pieces of information. You can access different data sources and also expand upon them.​


Load data from other systems and automatically create a schema-less data model using it with our tools or API. AutoImport provides automated data import and its modeling into a Cortex-IP.​



Both the CortexEngine and the Uniplex provide direct access through the API to read, modify, and select information.​

We also enable the use of JavaScript within Cortex-IP by integrating the server-side "V8 JavaScript Engine." This includes JavaScript utilization in lists, automation, as well as external access through Node.js or native integration.