CortexDB is not only a self-learning NoSQL database but also an analytics solution for unprecedented easy and fast data analysis:

  • Schemalose Store data from many data sources without having to transform them.
  • Automatic normalization & associative search (as in the human brain).
  • Bi-Temporal - Analytical and transactional results in a database
  • Multi-Value - Optional use of one field for multiple values.



Manage data, algorithms, security and data services with our universal application.

Data Model

First, create fields and dataset types to use in the application or through the WebAPI. Create the required fields, insert them into dataset types, and create the dataset templates.


The portal feature for selecting records can be easily configured to use in the WebAPI.


Views can be simple or complex. It's up to you. With the list function in Uniplex, views can be delivered to the WebAPI - as a JSON object for a list, a pivot or d3.js

Rules for Use

The WebAPI considers the configured user roles for functions, records, and fields.


Share data with other systems, or change information in your database with our data integration tool.

As a Java application, the CortexImplex offers the flexible import of data into a CortexDB. A variety of functions allow the reading and transformation of individual information. You can access different data sources (csv, xml) and extend the CortexImplex by using an abstract Java class.



Work with your data. The HTTP CortexAPI offers JSON messaging, based on the CortexUniplex configuration.

The server-side integration of the "V8-Javascript Engine" enables you to use JavaScript within the database (e. g. in lists and for automatisms), as well as for external access (e. g. via nodeJS or native access).